Experts in Electrical Engineering and Compliance Services

  • Forward Thinking
  • Partner of Choice
  • Established Expertise
  • Forward Thinking

    The fundamentals of engineering may stay the same, but we don’t.

    We’re restless thinkers and market leaders. Never standing still and always looking ahead. Constantly considering what’s next and what can be done better. We’re a UK business with global reach due to our cutting edge solutions and ambitious attitude. Our established team encompasses extensive International engineering experience, so we explore new market sectors and anticipate the ever-evolving engineering environment. We establish our industry experience with thought leadership content. It’s how we cut through the noise and make ourselves heard. So, while the fundamentals remain the same, our forward thinking drives us on.

    Two engineers discussing a project
  • Partner of Choice

    We believe in building genuine, long term relationships.

    We believe in building genuine, long term relationships; it’s the best way for us to dedicate ourselves to our clients and give them the added value they deserve. Our team has deep knowledge of a wide breadth of sectors and services, so we can support you from design and development right through to project delivery. We’re diligent and thorough, so mistakes are rare. But if they do arise, we’re quick to take ownership and reconcile them. Partnership to us means trust, understanding timeframes and managing expectations to meet requirements always. We’ll make sure that nothing’s ever unclear and deliverables are rigorously checked – it’s how we instill trust and gain respect.

    Engineers on-site
  • Established Expertise

    Over 40 years of engineering experience with next generation technologies and services.

    The fact that we’re not sector-specific testifies to our multi-disciplined, adaptable team. But despite our breadth of knowledge, our meticulous processes enable us to hone our skills, speak the same language as our clients and strive towards the same ambitious goals. It allows us to dominate the engineering industry as a total solutions provider. Our portfolio is extensive and includes a blue chip customer base with our communication systems, processes and internal procedures designed to facilitate change and business growth even under continuously evolving conditions.

    Two engineering experts discussing a project
Our Ethos

Our strengths come from our experienced and skilled work force, our collaborative outlook on business and our flexible approach to our clients.

We are guided by our Core values and principles. These give our clients what they want, when they want it and gives our staff a place to work that’s rewarding, safe and enjoyable.

  • Standards

    The standards that we work to are driven by Industry. But we also have our own to make sure that our efforts always meet our clients requirements and expectations.

  • Quality & Reliability

    Our documented systems mean that our services are suitable for the intended purpose and satisfy customer expectations. We’re reliable because we’re consistent and we maintain the accuracy.

  • Communication

    For us, Customer Service is about listening and acting on feedback. We’re always keen to improve our approach and delivery so if something’s not right then we want to be the first to know.

  • Proven Experience

    We undertake our duties professionally and purposely.

    Providing high quality compliant designs and a service second to none needs integrity and respect for all. Our experience in doing this is established and understood.

Our Team

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