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Helping you acheive the compliance and safety requirements of complex Electrical Systems and Equipment.

Achieving Engineering compliance in hazardous environments requires specialised expertise. By supporting you in Regulatory and Safety Engineering Compliance, we provide you with the support to help you comply with the rules and regulations. We can assess the gaps, processes and systems you use to manage your facility covering DSEAR Assessments, Hazardous Area Classification, Engineering Gap Analysis and Design Verification.

  • DSEAR & Explosive Atmospheres

    Any workplace where explosive atmospheres may occur need to be classified into hazardous zones based on the risk of an explosion occurring.

    We provide businesses with DSEAR risk assessments and Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) exercises along with review and assessment in line with the appropriate standards. Where shortfalls are revealed, we offer practical recommendations, tangible solutions and mitigation plans. We can also provide our easy to use standalone database to build a record of all equipment, plot plans, inspection details and fault reports to assist engineers in the tracking of issues relating to Hazardous Areas.

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  • Design Verification

    Independent verification that your designs are appropriate and comply with current standards and design intent

    A robust and compliant Electrical design is a necessity in today’s industrial workplace and if any issues are found after installation, they’re going to add more cost to your project in putting them right. We carry out independent verification of your designs and in doing so, give you peace of mind. Flaws in design can arise in any part of the circuit including;

    • Transformer sizing
    • Switchgear specification
    • Cable sizing for HV and LV circuits
    • Cable Routing
    • Distribution panel specification

    Our experienced Electrical Engineers review the scope and available documentation and can visit your site if required. We will provide our Engineering judgement on the proposed design, specification and procedures and provide you with guidance and recommendations in order for you to achieve the requirements.

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  • Engineering Gap Analysis

    Determine whether you’re meeting the compliance and safety requirements of operating complex Electrical Systems and Equipment

    Whether it’s from an internal audit, an external body or recognising that things need improving, measuring where you are against the requirements is always a good place to start. Your systems, drawings and documentation is checked during an on-site survey. Once complete, we can review and carry out a technical analysis to identify potential gaps within your electrical procedures, documents and drawings.

    We then propose a set of recommendations and potential action management program to address the findings resulting in you having a comprehensive and formal process for improvement.

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