Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Expertise in Design and Network analysis to ensure your Electrical Systems are safe, reliable and fit for purpose.

With a team of Electrical Engineers having extensive experience in designing, modelling and enhancing Electrical Power systems across numerous industry sectors, your Electrical Networks can be assessed and analysed to provide you with the right solutions that help you successfully manage them. Doing so helps you ensure Safety, compliance and optimal performance.

We identify where improvements and efficiencies can be made through computer modelling of your Electrical distribution systems. Types of studies include;

Fault Level/Short Circuit Studies, Arc Flash Hazard Analysis & Mitigation, Protection Coordination & Grading, Earthing system design & Earth Potential Rise, Load Flow & Power Quality, Large Motor starting, Harmonics abd HV/LV Cable Design & Verification.

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  • Arc Flash & Fault Level Studies

    Arc flash incidents are a real, and sometimes poorly understood, hazard in both high and low voltage electrical systems.

    We are a world leader in the analysis, mitigation and management of arc flash hazards in all types of electrical installations. Our proven methodology helps you understand the arc flash risks in your power systems using detailed modelling and energy level calculations in accordance with international standards. We apply our engineering expertise to minimise those risks through changes to system configuration and protection equipment. Finally, we can help you manage the residual risks, through appropriate labelling, training and operating procedures.

    Our team have been involved in the provision of Arc Flash Hazard Analysis since 1995 and during this time we have completed over 1000 studies to date for all types of installations including Offshore Oil and Gas platforms, Petrochemical Plant and Power Generation Plant, manufacturing sites and commercial facilities.
    We implement our studies in accordance with the NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace and our experience in providing this in a risk based approach has found favour in the UK, Europe and further afield.

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  • Earthing Studies

    Earthing systems are installed to fulfil several different functions and a single earth system does not address all earthing requirements.

    For new installations, the ruling documents for earthing installation are covered by;

    • BS 7430 Code of Practice for Protective Earthing of Electrical Installations
    • BS EN 50522 Earthing of Power Installations exceeding 1kV
    • BS 7671 IET Wiring Regulations

    The issue of touch and step potentials and the need to consider these factors will depend largely upon the High Voltage network earth return paths. Where an installation is fed via an overhead line with no dedicated earth conductor, the earth return current must go through the general mass of earth and as such can create dangerously high touch and step potentials in the vicinity of High Voltage switchgear installations.

    Our studies for both High Voltage and Low Voltage earthing requirements consider the design against the recommendations of these latest standards that represent the optimum earthing design requirements and compliance with them can ensure a well-designed and safe earthing system which will be fit for purpose.

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  • Power Systems Analysis

    Identification and mitigation of hazards through evaluation and analysis.

    We offer expertise and analytical capabilities to ensure your power distribution system is safe, compliant and meets your needs. This includes Protection coordination studies that ensure your electrical systems remains stable under fault conditions while minimising disruption to operating plant. We conduct load flow assessments, power quality and the impact of alternative power sources including backup generators to wind and solar installations.

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  • High Voltage & Low Voltage (HV/LV) Electrical Design

    A wide range of electrical consultancy and project delivery services to support your business

    Our experience includes both high voltage and low voltage installations in all types of industry from data centres to large industrial sites. We system management advice, detailed design and full project implementation along with the development of safe operating procedures and provision of training. Turn-key project delivery service covers the full project lifecycle from identification of your requirements through to specification, detailed design, procurement, installation, commissioning and handover.

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  • Electrical Technical Authority

    Operational support & guidance for HV & LV electrical networks

    As an ETA, Covol can support right from the start of any new build, renovation or maintenance project –  working with our clients to carry out risk assessments of supply & resilience and help them understand the art of the possible.

    We work with site teams who maintain capacity agreements & report on consumption – to assess & advise if a proposed project could exceed capacity. We can identify risk factors & potential costs can review the impact on the site distribution network with existing loadings, followed by protection, fault level, arc flash & earthing system assessment based on preliminary design.

    We provide this information as part of the risk assessment to Project Managers and Design Teams and act as the central hub.

    • Hold and update master Arc Flash records & electrical drawings
    • Hold and update Protection & Fault level drawings
    • Support Projects and Operations teams when work is being carried out on HV & LV power systems to ensure load & capacity risks are fully managed

    This results in us providing operational support & guidance for;

    • Procedures (writing & amending to best practice)
    • Management of client HV & LV electrical network models
    • Feasibility studies of new project designs, refurbishments and maintenance projects
    • Advising on any potential issues such as capacity, demand and load) that could impact the site distribution network
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